Strawberry Summer Pudding

Serves 4

Preparation 30 minutes, plus chilling time

Cook 2-3 minutes

You will also need: 4 x 175ml pudding basins, 1 x 5.5cm diameter cookie cutter and 1 x 7cm diameter cookie cutter, 4 x filled jam jars (or other weight of similar size)

What you'll need

What to do

  1. Begin by slicing the strawberries in half, then place in a large wide-based pan with all the remaining fruit, 2 tablespoons of water and the sugar. Simmer on a low heat for a few minutes or until the fruit begin to release some of their juices but making sure the fruit remain whole. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  2. Stamp out 4 x 5.5cm circles and 4 x 7cm bread circles using the cookie cutters. Place the four smaller circles at the base of each ramekin, then spoon in an equal amount of fruit, followed by the remaining larger circles of bread. Carefully press down with your hands and spoon in enough of the berry juice to colour the bread.
  3. Cover with clingfilm, and place a jam jar on top of each one. Refrigerate for at least three hours, or preferably overnight and reserve the remaining juices and fruit.
  4. When ready to serve, remove the jam jar weights and clingfilm, then run a palate knife carefully around the edge. Place a serving plate on top of each, and invert to release. Serve with some spoonful’s of red berry coulis, cream and any remaining fruit to decorate as you wish.

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