22 May 2020

Join us to create a Berry Rainbow

Zara strawberries smoothie bowl

Catch our smoothie rainbow featuring Zara Strawberries @FoodiesFestivals and Charlotte White @Restoration Cake – quick and easy to make and super healthy!


200g Zara Strawberries
1 banana (sliced and frozen on a baking sheet if possible)
100ml almond milk (soya, oat, or rice milk will also work if you prefer)
50g rolled oats
¼ tsp vanilla extract
1tbsp maple syrup (optional, if you have a sweet tooth)

Rainbow Toppings:
1 Zara Strawberry
a small handful of cornflakes
a few slices of banana
a small handful of pistachios
2 Victoria Sweet Blackberries

You will need:
a good blender or food processor
(I used the new  KitchenAid K400)
a shallow bowl to serve

Makes 1 smoothie bowl
1. Hull and chop the Zara Strawberries and put in the blender.
2. Add the banana slices – if these are frozen beforehand, the temperature of your smoothie bowl will be deliciously chilled but this is not essential if you are in a hurry – to the blender.
3. Add almond milk, rolled oats, and vanilla to the blender and blitz until smooth.
4. Pour the smoothie into a shallow bowl. This will give you a nice big surface to decorate.
5. Top as you wish with various textures and colours. To create the rainbow, use a line of chopped Zara Strawberries along one edge of the bowl and follow with lines of cornflakes, sliced banana, chopped pistachios, and halved Victoria Sweet Blackberries.
6. Serve immediately and enjoy as a satisfying breakfast, packed full of nutrients and slow-release energy.
Increase the almond milk to 225ml for a drinkable smoothie or freeze your strawberries for a cooler, thicker dish!