• Packed with vitamins C
  • High in phytonutrients and antioxidants
  • Great for a healthy heart

These little ruby red jewels are the soft, juicy, taste of summer for most of us, with scientists even proving that just the smell of these beautiful berries makes us feel happy! Our British farmers are a picky bunch and select only the very best varieties, so look for Driscoll’s® Zara Strawberries on-pack. They can add a vibrant look, sweet taste and all sorts of dribbly goodness to a smoothie, on porridge, as a snack, with cream (‘g-old school’!!), or if you’re feeling more adventurous in a salad, with mint or basil or as an alternative butter to nut-butter.

Scrumptious Strawberries

There are over 30 different varieties of strawberries grown in the UK –  Driscoll’s® Zara Strawberries are specially selected by us to grow the best.  Our growers take immense pride in the strawberries they grow for you to enjoy and we love hearing from you

“Just wanted to say I’ve just bought some of your strawberries and they taste like the strawberries I remember as a child.  They’re lovely”.  Anne, Stirling

“Just watched my 5 year old little boy munch his way through some of your strawbs… tasty, lovely, messy and all over his smiley happy little face!” – Trudi, Oxford

Berry People come in all sorts of flavours; some are growers, experts in their field, dedicated to growing genuinely world-class fruit right here in the UK, from Kent to Aberdeenshire; others are chefs, cooks and foodies who appreciate using top-quality berries in their dishes; and others are people who just want to feed them and their families the most delicious and healthy fruit they can.

What unites them is a love of the finest, freshest, juiciest British strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Whichever group you belong in, you’re welcome here, among the Berry People.

Strawberries recipes