• FILLED with goodness.
  • One serving of blueberries provides as many health-promoting antioxidants as five servings of broccoli

Blueberry pie anyone?  Many people think blueberries are only grown in USA – think again, we’re blueberry people too! Our specially selected varieties are grown by British farmers from June to September.  Did you know, blueberries are naturally covered in a protective wax called a bloom which acts as a sunscreen and is a sign of freshness..?

British Blueberries

Blueberry bushes are quite sensitive things and unlike other berries prefer acidic soil and watered little and often.  They also don’t like it too cold when in blossom, quite a challenge for our Scottish growers!  They use a machine called the ‘Frost Buster’ that ensures the bushes are kept cosy.   Our growers have refined their growing techniques to produce berries bursting with flavour (and goodness)!

Berry People come in all sorts of flavours; some are growers, experts in their field, dedicated to growing genuinely world-class fruit right here in the UK, from Kent to Aberdeenshire; others are chefs, cooks and foodies who appreciate using top-quality berries in their dishes; and others are people who just want to feed them and their families the most delicious and healthy fruit they can.

What unites them is a love of the finest, freshest, juiciest British strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries (and cherries!)

Whichever group you belong in, you’re welcome here, among the Berry People.

Blueberries recipes